The real credit goes to the farmers, Indigenous peoples, and defenders of traditional knowledge who have maintained and nurtured diverse ecosystems and cultures over thousands of generations. The Coalition Against Biopiracy would also like to thank all the cogs out there working to repel the onslaught of corporate greed, in particular those who made this site possible:

Website Development - Matthew Carroll

Matthew is a campaigner and freelance web designer who specialises in providing web site development, online campaigning tools and IT support services for activists, campaign groups, charities and non-profit organisations. For more information, visit:

Artwork - Stig

Stig is a graphic designer / artist whose speciality is anti-corporate subvertising, but he also enjoy making banners, props, murals, costumes, cartoons, flyers, reports, woodwork, posters, hammocks, leaflets, signs and logos. Lots of his work is viewable online at: