Nominated for Greediest Biopirate

Nominated by Alejandro Argumedo (Coaliciyn Indigena Contra la Biopirateria en los Andes) – Monday 06 March 2006

Reasons for this nomination

For continuing to refine and patent genetic seed sterilization technologies (Terminator) that, if commercialized, could be used to boost Syngenta's profits by preventing farmers from saving and reusing seed from the harvest. Syngenta is the world's second largest agrochemical corporation, third largest seed company, and holds nearly half of the existing patents on Terminator. Despite its public pledge not to commercialize Terminator seeds, Syngenta continues to invest research and development in this deadly technology. Why invest in methods to reduce farmers of the world to bioslavery? The future reeks of treachery. Syngenta is this year's greediest of the greedy.

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