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US Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)

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Monday 06 March 2006

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Nominee: US Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO)
Category: Biggest Bag of Hot Air

In 2005, BIO published its bioprospecting guidelines for use by member companies. Virtually ignoring the existence of the Convention on Biological Diversity (the US is not a party to the CBD, though it is a signatory), BIO states, "Since bioprospecting is not presently regulated in a consistent or comprehensive manner within countries or at the international level, member companies have extensive discretion to shape their conduct to meet whatever requirements countries impose with respect to bioprospecting activities." Rendering its own guidelines practically useless, BIO explains that they were "developed with the understanding that each member company is not required to follow the Guidelines, and that the Guidelines would not in any sense be enforceable against an individual member company. For example, there is no provision in the Guidelines that gives BIO any authority to take action against a member company for engaging in conduct inconsistent with that specified in the Guidelines. Indeed, a significant purpose of the guidelines is educational..."

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