Previous Winners

Captain Hook Awards for Biopiracy 2006

Biopiracy refers to the monopolization (usually through intellectual property) of genetic resources and traditional knowledge or culture taken from peoples or farming communities that developed and nurtured those resources.

Cog Awards 2006

Winners of the 2006 Cog Awards for Resisting Biopiracy...

Captain Hook Awards 2004

The Winners of the last Captain Hook Awards for Biopiracy in 2004, awarded to the companies and governments who have done the most to monopolize genetic resources, traditional knowledge or culture...

Cog Awards 2004

The Winners of the 2004 Cog Awards, for opposing biopiracy...
(Cogs were ships designed to repel pirate attacks.)

Captain Hook Awards 2002

Here are the 2002 crop of pirates and cogs. For the complete citations and further background information, please download the Communique:

2002 Communique