Captain Hook Awards 2002

Here are the 2002 crop of pirates and cogs. For the complete citations and further background information, please download the Communique:

2002 Communique

At the 2002 Captain Hook Awards Ceremony in The Hague (Netherlands) at COP5 of the CBD the following were awarded:

Worst Anti-Food Security - Winner: Syngenta
Greediest - Winner: Pod-Ners LLC
Worst Corporate Offender - Winner: Monsanto
Most Offensive - Winner: United States Patent & Trademark Office
Most Offensive - Runner-Up: University of Toledo
Most Dangerous - Winner: United States Patent & Trademark Office
Worst International Convention - Winner: World Trade Organization
Worst Excuse - Winner: Phytopharm
Worst Excuse - Runner-Up: International Rice Research Institute

Cog Award winners for 2002 include:

Best Peoples' Defense - Winner: COMPITCH and Indigenous peoples' organizations in Mexico
Best Peoples' Defense - Runner-Up: Human rights organizations and churches in the South Pacific nation of Tonga
Best Legal Defense - Winner: International Center for Tropical Agriculture
Best Whistle-Blower - Winner: Gwendolyn Zahner
Best National Defense - Winner: Indian Government and the Indian People
Best [we can get] International Treaty - Winner: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

The Captain Hook posters, featuring graphics by Eric Drooker, are also available in PDF format:

2002 Cogs Poster

Featuring graphics by Eric Drooker

cog_awards.pdf (2.93 MB)

2002 Pirates Poster

Featuring graphics by Eric Drooker